Payments, Dues, and Application

Initiation Fee:

  • $1,800

2018 Annual Dues:

  • $575

Dues for Current Members

Invoices for the swim season will be mailed to all current members in early February.

  • The due date for membership payment is a postmark of March 1.
  • Dues postmarked after March 15 will incur a $100 late fee.
  • Memberships not paid in full, including all late fees, by March 15th will be considered lapsed and will not be renewed.  Steps to terminate the membership will be initiated promptly and the membership will be offered to the first family on the waiting list.

Extended Lap Swim Hours

Extra fee required. Fee and Extended Swim hours to be determined.

How do I become a member?

Those wishing to become members of Venetian Pools must fill out the online Membership Application (editable pdf). Fill out application, print it out and mail to the Venetian Pools’ business office at:

Venetian Pools Community Association, Post Office Box 3151, Decatur, Georgia 30031-3151

A non-refundable $100.00 application fee must accompany each application.

Waiting List information

When you are extended a membership offer at Venetian Pools, you will be asked to pay both an initiation fee and yearly dues, commencing the first year of use.

The Initiation Fee is a onetime, non-refundable fee. Thereafter, you only pay your annual dues.

The board of Directors has the right to change membership policies and costs. When you are offered a membership, you will be informed of current policies and costs. Board members are elected by the pool members.

Important Notice! Because of the considerable length of our waiting list, it could take quite a number of years for you to be offered a membership at the pool. All recent new members were on the list for 6 years.

Non-User Policy

Members may request that they be placed in a “non-user” status if they meet any
of the following extenuating circumstances: death in the family, serious illness in
the family, loss of employment. All such requests must be approved by the
membership committee of the Board. Members that have been granted non-user
status must pay 1/2 of annual dues assessed.

If you have questions, please email to: