Summer Camp 2021

Summer Camp 2021
Summer Camp 2021 is on!

Application, Health Form and Camp Description documents are at the bottom and can be downloaded.


Venetian Pool Camp 2021: description, schedule, and covid precautions


Monday- Friday, June 7th-July 2nd


9:00 a.m.-2:00 p.m. (campers can be dropped off as early as 8:45 and picked up as late as 2:15)


Eligibility: 1. Children of members who are rising first through rising sixth graders.

(After May 1).  2. Children of waitlist families, starting at the top, who are rising first through sixth graders.

Cost:  2 weeks (non- swim team): $345/1 week=$220; 2 week (swim team) $315/ 1 week $210

Registration: opens April 19th 2021. Registration forms will be available from the Venetian website.

Registration maximum: Due to COVID concerns, the camp will be running under reduced capacity, 25 maximum    (versus the usual 40) per week with a 20 camper minimum, with the same number of counsellors as other years.

If the minimum of 20 campers per week aren’t registered by May 31st then camp will be cancelled.



“Jurassic Madness” June 7th-June 18th:

Campers will learn about the strange plants and creatures that inhabited the earth millions of years ago. Our guest speaker will do a presentation about fossils on June 14th. Campers will be able to see real fossils, learn how they are formed, and take home a real fossilized shark’s tooth.


“Into the Wild” June 21st-July 2nd

Campers will learn about plants, animals, and insects in the wild world of nature! Our guest speaker will do a presentation on June 23rd including information on food chains, owl pellet dissection, and predator/ prey relationships. There will be live bug “petting” and real jawbones of animals!



There will be four groups of campers (no more than 7 per group), divided by age groups. Each group will have their own counselor who will accompany them throughout the day to art, sports, activity, lunch, and free swim. Each of these activities will last one hour. We will have a sports coordinator, and an art teacher in addition to the four counselors. Kristi Hanna, the camp director, will also be on site all day. The art activities will center around the camp themes. Each group will create a name, flag, and cheer that they will present at circle at the end of each day. As mentioned above, we will have two guest speakers from High Touch High Tech. The presentations are related to the camp themes. There will be two field days, one for each two-week session that includes a balloon toss, tug of war, and fun games.



We strive to offer a fun, non-competitive, old fashioned outdoor camp experience. Our focus is on building relationships between campers and between campers and their counselors. Some of the values taught are kindness, sportsmanship, responsibility, and taking care of the pool grounds. Counselors are instructed to have 100% of their focus on the campers (no phones).


Covid-19 mitigation

CDC guidelines for outdoor camps will be strictly followed.

  • Social distancing guidelines will be followed.
  • Surfaces will be wiped down in the art area between groups.
  • Masks will be worn when arriving to the camp and when leaving and when doing indoor activities.
  • Because of the outdoor nature of the camp, the heat, and the free swim, masks will not be required while doing the outdoor activities.
  • Campers would be required to maintain 3 feet of distance from others while eating/lunch and while doing indoors activities.
  • Campers are also required to stay in the designated areas for the camp and not to overstep on the reservation spots as to always keep the social distance of 3 feet with members in the reserved spots.
  • Likewise, no clustering, hanging out or playing in the bathroom’s areas are permitted. Showers are closed for everybody.


Contact: Kristi Hanna, camp director: cell phone: 404-849-4429/email:


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